Frangible AmmunitionIn a shooting practice, you want to simulate a realistic environment for participants but, at the same time, keep the session as safe as possible. Most shooting practices are held in enclosed areas.

Using standard bullets may pose safety issues and may ricochet if they hit the wrong target. Ricochets may cause damage to property and even lead to serious injuries.

What Is Frangible Ammunition?

If you are looking for ammunition that you can use for training, use frangible bullets. This type of ammunition is made from compressed materials such as zinc, cooper, or tungsten. Here are some reasons why you should opt for frangible bullets over standard ones:

  • Frangible ammo can prevent ricochets.

Using a standard bullet in an enclosed training environment may cause ricochets. This may happen when a bullet hits a hard surface. Ricochets can hurt someone during training. To prevent ricochets, use frangible ammo during training or even for special situations.

Frangible ammo can break into smaller pieces, especially when it hits a hard surface. This feature can prevent ricochets and damage to property or injuries. These types of bullets can also minimize penetration to other objects.

  • Frangible ammo can be used for actual self-defense.

In some real-life scenarios, you may need to perform self-defense. For instance, when your home is being robbed by heavily armed men, your gun serves as your top line of defense in this difficult situation.

Use frangible bullets for your gun. These bullets disintegrate upon impact but are still powerful enough to hurt your opponent. They are also less likely to injure innocent people in a self-defense situation.

  • Frangible ammo can reduce lead exposure.

Lead poisoning can lead to various health issues. These include high blood pressure, reproductive problems, and muscles pains. Standard bullets may contain lead. Firing your gun with regular bullets is one of the ways you can come in contact with lead.

Use frangible ammo during training to minimize lead exposure. These bullets can also help protect the environment because they do not add to air pollution.

  • Frangible ammo can be used in special situations.

Frangible ammo is a staple in training sessions. However, there are situations wherein standard bullets may pose safety concerns. For instance, security personnel for oil or hazardous materials facilities as well as chemical plants use frangible ammo for their guns.

Tips in Storing Ammunition

Storage is important to preserve the lifespan of your ammunition. Poor storage practices can render your bullets useless. Here are some things you need to remember when storing your bullets:

  • Store your ammunition in cool and dry areas of your home.

Do not keep them in places with moisture issues. Humidity can cause corrosion and rusting for your ammunition. Excess moisture can shorten the lifespan of your ammunition, affect your shooting, and even render your bullets useless.

In your storage cabinet, you may put some desiccants to keep moisture off your ammunition. Do not forget to inspect your firearms and ammunition a few times a year to check for any signs of rusting.

  • Protect your ammunition from heat.

Extreme heat can also damage your bullets. Do not keep your bullets in areas with limited ventilation or direct exposure to sunlight. Instead, keep bullets in cool, dry places. If going out for a shooting practice, avoid leaving your guns and bullets in your car’s trunk for a long period.

  • Use storage containers or a gun safe to keep your bullets.

UV light and moisture are two elements that can affect the quality of your bullets. You can store your ammunition either in ammo cans or pistol ammo cases to preserve its quality. These containers can keep your ammunition in good condition for years.

If you are a gun enthusiast, you may also invest in a gun safe where you can keep your pistols, ammunition, and other gun-related equipment. Your safe will also keep your guns and bullets out of your children’s reach.

  • Organize your ammunition in your safety case.

Put labels on your bullet cans or cases. This will make it easy for you to locate your frangible bullets and equipment in case of an emergency. On your label, you may take note of the bullet type and the date of purchase.

You may also rearrange your stockpile, placing the older bullets in front of the new ones. This will ensure that the older set will be used right away.

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